• Urthwyte88

    It was a warm summer day at Salamandastron, the mountain fortress of Badger Lords. The sun shined down upon the lazy hares that stretched out on the sand. These hares were the Long Patrol, an elite fighting unit. There had not been much action since the demise of Ferahgo the Assassin, who had tried to capture Salamandastron. Urthwyte the Mighty, Badger Lord of Salamandastron, thought about this. In his studies, he found that only one individual had ever managed to successfully capture his mountain fortress...the wildcat Ungatt Trunn. Urthwyte turned his attention to the hares who were sprawling out along the coast. He smirked, knowing they wanted a good fight. Some of the younger hares were even sent on missions into Mossflower to hunt dow…

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