It was a warm summer day at Salamandastron, the mountain fortress of Badger Lords. The sun shined down upon the lazy hares that stretched out on the sand. These hares were the Long Patrol, an elite fighting unit. There had not been much action since the demise of Ferahgo the Assassin, who had tried to capture Salamandastron. Urthwyte the Mighty, Badger Lord of Salamandastron, thought about this. In his studies, he found that only one individual had ever managed to successfully capture his mountain fortress...the wildcat Ungatt Trunn. Urthwyte turned his attention to the hares who were sprawling out along the coast. He smirked, knowing they wanted a good fight. Some of the younger hares were even sent on missions into Mossflower to hunt down vermin and Flitchaye. But there was something haunting Urthwyte. Something in the air wasn't right. He shook his head and decided that he needed rest. After all, it had been a long night for him.

Many of the hares were asleep on the shore. Only Big Oxeye and a new recuit were awake. The new recuit was visibly nervous. For he was not a hare. He was a rat, and it was only because he was a master of disguise that he was not caught. But his mission was urgent. His master would be furious if he failed, so the rat stepped to his feet, and crept slowly toward Big Oxeye. Oxeye was about to succumb to sleep, when he felt someone grab him from behind. He tried to shake loose, but his attacker was surprisingly strong. In an instant, however, it was all over, as the rat stuck his dagger into Big Oxeye's throat. With a low groan Oxeye fell. The rat made his way to the other hares, performing his macabre work on every hare.

The rat (Gripscutt is his name) walked away from Salamandastron. His work had been completed, and his master would be pleased. He made his way inland and didn't look back at the grisly scene behind him.

Two young hares, Foro and Haggler, were returning from a mission in Mossflower. They had successfully defeated a vermin tribe, and were now arguing over an eating contest that they had at Redwall Abbey.

     "'Tis not even close, you bally bucko! I ate far more than your bally lot, wot?" Foro bragged smugly. But Haggler would hear none of it. 
     " You lying wretch. I ate everything in their larders, you old chap! I even ate some vittles off of your plate after you were finished, bucko!" The two gluttonous hares continued arguing until they heard a noise in the woods.

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