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February 24, 2015
  • I live in Mossflower Woods, or Salamandastron, or the Eastern Shores.
  • My occupation is Mercenary
  • I am Female
  • Vaylayna the Shade

    You all go "But what about Shadowed?!" Don't worry, I'm still working on that (ishy, sorta, hopefully) but for a short break and comedy relief I'm trying my paw at a short story fanfiction build off, encorporating my characters into here. I'll post it in three sections so it'll be done quick. Hope you like it!


    Beginning Section -

    Rosebrush ran her paws through her hair, checking her image from all angles.

    "Ugh dat little hare is so in f' it," she muttered to herself, stepping back to view her long purple dress in the mirror as well. "A dance. Of all things f' dat girl to hook me into, a dance as if . . ." Scowling harder, Rosebrush swished her tail, wafting perfume everywhere, and exited her room.

    "I say," she muttered. "If I walked right past…

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  • Vaylayna the Shade


    February 25, 2015 by Vaylayna the Shade

    A trail of paw prints led from the crashing waves by the sea, through sandy dunes, to the fringes of a woody cliff. A lone, black traveller turns around casting piercing black eyes over her hidden home. Somehow she knew she wasn't ever going to return the sands of the Eastern Lands. She hadn't told anyone of that feeling inside of her, but there it was. She would not be going back. She would not ever see those sands and wavelets in which she had played when she was little. The black hare turned away without any emotion on her face, although, inside, emotions were bubbling like boiling water . . .

    In a swirl of green and black, the hare vanished into the cliffs, never to return.

    Patchrunner nestled back into a tussock on the top of a la…

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