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-Untitled- ~Vaylayna TS

This is a fan fiction story by Vaylayna the Shade. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

You all go "But what about Shadowed?!" Don't worry, I'm still working on that (ishy, sorta, hopefully) but for a short break and comedy relief I'm trying my paw at a short story fanfiction build off, encorporating my characters into here. I'll post it in three sections so it'll be done quick. Hope you like it!


Beginning Section -

Rosebrush ran her paws through her hair, checking her image from all angles.

"Ugh dat little hare is so in f' it," she muttered to herself, stepping back to view her long purple dress in the mirror as well. "A dance. Of all things f' dat girl to hook me into, a dance as if . . ." Scowling harder, Rosebrush swished her tail, wafting perfume everywhere, and exited her room.

"I say," she muttered. "If I walked right past the dance hall and out into the woods and straight on 'till Southsward, I could probably avoid this thing."

Vaylayna, no matter how little she showed it, definitely had a sense of humor. She had arranged, invited, set up and extended her paw around until a major gathering had been put together of all their abbey friends, nomad companions, mercenary coworkers, Salamandastron buddies, etc. etc. were brought together. Catering, hiring of musicians, Vaylayna had all done herself.

On the pretext of it being a birthday present for Rosebrush. Rosebrush couldn't believe it. She knew deep down inside that she was scared of these large gatherings, and she also knew that Vaylayna knew it too. Seriously annoyed, but with no other choice, Rosebrush gathered her gown skirts and set off stiffly downstairs to the gathering hall at the Squirrel's Palace.


"AHRGH HELL'S TEETH VICKAGU DON'T DO THAT!" Rosebrush scowled furiously at the grey dogfox, who trotted next to her side as if nothing had happened.

"You look nice," he said, blankly. Rosebrush glared at him, and realized that he had abandoned his mottled cape in favor of a neat black suit.

"Well thanks if me fur h'ain't turned white out of da shock you just gave me," Rosebrush muttered. Plans of making a secret run for Southsward were ruined by the arrival of her companion, and Rosebrush was being steered ever so carefully and surely towards her doom.

"Mmph, um, I gotta use the bathroom," Rosebrush said suddenly. Lightbulb. The perfect excuse. She could lock herself up in there until it was over.

"No," Vickagu said, and, for once, his voice was taking a cheerful edge.

"No?" Rosebrush repeated with horror.

"Aye," Vickagu said, positively smirking by this point. "Vayla's orders. Bring you straight down and to the hall and then ask you to dance."

"Ask me to dance?!?" Rosebrush was going inarticulate by this point.

"Aye," Vickagu repeated. "So will you dance with me?"

"NO!" Rosebrush nearly exploded. "That devil of a liddle black hare what's she thinkin' puttin' me up with you an' an' an' what hell's gates 'n' fire 'n' teeth 'n' the dark lord hisself . . . " Rosebrush stopped up short in her fluent swearing when she saw the grand hall doors chinked a crack.

"After you, m'lady," Vickagu smirked. Rosebrush took a bolt for the doors on the opposite side that led to the outside and the freedom. She burst out with a gasp, to fall straight into a large dark netting of spiderweb.


"Dat took fif'y free twenny five seconds wif forty an' seven-firty minutes." Seaspray scrawled busily on a clipboard as Rilla skipped down from the roof. Rosebrush struggled in the net and Rilla started yelling at Seaspray again.

"An' we'll need ta make sure da target ain't runnin' at it at seventy miles 'h hour cuz it tore da fastenin's dere and dere." Seaspray nodded and scribbled down the new data.

Rosebrush shut her mouth and stopped struggling, face burning, as Vickagu smoothly exited the foyer and extricated her from the mess.

"Always at your service, m'lady," he said drily. He tossed a coin up at Seaspray and Rilla. "In case you're wondering," he continued. "The guests are arriving from the other side of the hall." He deftly patted Rosebrush's fur back into place before firmly guiding her into the banquet hall. Rosebrush felt like a hunted rat and glanced anxiously around at the guests, mostly consisting of squirrels, with a scattering hares and Redwall creatures as well. If she had white fur Rosebrush knew her blush would have been seen, but, luckily her fur was red. The decorations of the hall were lavish and the floor spick and span, but all Rosebrush noticed amidst the beauty was the way to get out of it. Her mind began working feverishly.

The tables were covered with draping white cloths that reached to the floor. If she could get under one . . . no one would ever tell . . . she'd be completely under cover (literally) for the rest of the evening.

"Oh um Vickagu, why don't we um get some refreshments," Rosebrush said, walking towards the tables. Vickagu coughed.

"Vaylayna!" he yelled. Rosebrush winced. "Guard Rosebrush while I get her some refreshments," he said cheerfully. Draped in a gorgeous green gown, the black hare extricated herself from some of her old Long Patrol friends and wandered demurely over to the pair. Vickagu still had a firm grip on Rosebrush. She scowled.

"My friends don't trust me," she muttered, as Vaylayna laid her paw on Rosebrush's arm and watched Vickagu slink off to the refreshments table. I need a different avenue of escape . . . Rosebrush thought desperately.

Ah ha. Those curtains. But she'd need to get rid of Vaylayna, who definitely had eyes in the back of her head. Rosebrush stood their sulkily for a moment, trying to think of a plan, when, by a miraculous stroke, a diversion was given to her ready-made. A bolt of yellow and black burst through the entrance doors and rocketed towards the pair, stalking just short of cannoning into both of them.

"Vaylayna darling how are you you look simply penetrating in that green gown!" Saravar had not changed to festive gear besides for elaborate face and body paint and excessive jewelry.

"Saravar!!" Vaylayna replied. Rosebrush saw her chance and snuck away. The curtains draping down on all sides of the wall were ideal cover--or they would have been, if someone wasn't already inside them.

"Girry!" Rosebrush said furiously, dragging the squirrel out of the curtains. "Get out this is mine!!!"

"Rosebrush? What are you doing here?"

"Hidin', now get out!"

"Why're you hidin'?" Girry asked, eyebrow raised. Rosebrush paused.

"Nevermind dat, why're you hidin'?!"

"Because . . . I dunno."

"It's Saravar isn't it," Rosebrush said, rolling her eyes. She grabbed Girry's arm and dragged him out, before planting herself in his position behind the curtains.

"Now don't tell anyone I'm here!" she muttered furiously. In the relative safety, Rosebrush suddenly realized how hot it was in the curtaining. But she stuck it out, sitting still and thinking dark thoughts in her head. Five minutes later, it was sweltering behind the thick folds. She stuck her nose out a bit to get a breath of fresh air. The movement was her downfall.

"Rosebrush there you are, ready to dance?" Vickagu's voice was icy with an amused edge to it. Rather than struggling, Rosebrush took a different tact. She grew limp and barely walked as he dragged her out.

"Don't do that," Vickagu said, rolling his eyes. It was unusual for this must emotion to be displayed in him, Rosebrush noted.

"I need me bed," Rosebrush said weakly. Vickagu sighed, held up his paw as if in defeat, before opening it under Rosebrush's nose to reveal a neat pawfull of mud.

"You either dance," he said suavely. "Or your tail is mud." Rosebrush was horrified.

"This is mutiny!" she gasped. "TREASON! THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME! I'M ALONE IN LIFE AUGH." The screaming continued for five minutes before she saw a sight that quite distracted her.

"Hold it! Is that Hoxeye and Vay?" she asked, disbelief creeping into her voice.

"No," Vickagu said.

"No it is! They're dancing! Hell's teeth, my life ambition has just been fulfilled!!" Vickagu grabbed Rosebrush's paws.

"How about we make Vaylayna's life ambition fulfilled?"

The music began with a sweep of the violins, and, face burning, Rosebrush suddenly realized exactly what was happening. Vickagu was smirking as he executed some fine steps, steering Rosebrush around.

"See? It isn't so bad."

"Yea it is!" Rosebrush howled, struggling to break free. "AUGH! HELL'S GATES WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" She goggled at a smart-looking fat squirrel with a pencil and a paper, who was sketching the two foxes together at top speed.

"Don't try to fight it," Vickagu said, smirking so bad Rosebrush swore his face was going to stick that way. The foxes were attracting a large crowd, and Rosebrush subsided to smoldering anger as she reluctantly fell into the swing of the music. She wondered how long the dance was going to be.

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