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    May 27, 2010 by Vermin King

    Yes, having the user name "Vermin King" and having heroes in your story is ironic, I know, but there are actually heroes in my story. If a tale had villains and no protagonists to stop them from their dastardly deeds, it wouldn't make for much of a Redwall-based story, would it now? Anyway, here are my heroes for The Mossflower Revolution.

    This character is a one-time Officer of the Long Patrol who travels Mossflower in search of adventure. He is armed with a broadsword and his uniform is bedecked with ornate medals. His travels come to an end as he arrives on the scene of the war.

    Yes, the bats have returned. The colony of bats from Bat Mountpit travelled to a different cave after Outcast of Redwall and have returned to live in the home of thei…

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    May 24, 2010 by Vermin King

    Alright, as you may know, I have a fan fiction called The Mossflower Revolution, which is currently underway. I have created several villains and have tried to cram them all into one story. I decided to let the readers decide on who they want to be in the story based on a description of each villain that I will give.

    The most mysterious of all of my characters. He is a beast of unknown species, concealing his features with a hood he consistently wears. The only clear features which can be seen are his bright yellow eyes and his Marlfox-like fur. He is not the tallest of vermin. The vermin king is very wise. The king is seen to be armed with a broadsword. He is an adept swordsbeast, which is reflected by his plentiful number of victims. He rare…

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  • Vermin King

    This is a fan fiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    Don't get your hopes up too much, I will not be able to update this very often. I apologize.

    Note: The events of this story occur after The Sable Quean, but many seasons afterward.

    Hear the tale of the war between the creatures of Mossflower. It is a war for dominance, control, and power. The Children of Mossflower will meet on the field of battle with the greatest foe that has stepped foot in Mossflower: the Vermin King himself.

    Dark and dreary were the days of the winter season in Mossflower Woods. The weather was cold and everybeast would stay indoors, unless the weather turned out to be warmer than expected. This winter had been an unpredictable one so far.…

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