• Verminfate

    This is a little story I was suddenly inspired for. It is written in memory of the passing of Brian Jacques and is presented from the Redwall characters' point(s) of view. I hope you enjoy it. I presented the characters as Mr. Jacques created them, with some fourth-wall breaking for obvious reasons.

    Martin the Warrior stood out on the western battlements of Redwall Abbey, watching as the golden sun sunk slowly on the horizon. The warrior mouse sighed and wrapped his arms around the mousemaiden next to him.

    Laterose of Noonvale looked up at him with sad eyes and whispered, “It's almost time. They will be arriving soon.”

    Martin nodded and leaned his head against hers, closing his eyes. “It just happened so sudden. Nobody expected it.”

    They stood…

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  • Verminfate

    This story was co-written by my friend Silva, so give her credit too. :)

    Chapters or chapter sections marked with >:) are written by me, and ones marked with :)

    They came across the great western sea, from an island beyond where the sun sets. They came to destroy. They were the Monitors!

    Varanus Riptail was their leader. He was a monstrous reptile with cold, evil eyes and a tough, grayish-green, scaly hide that seemingly no weapon could penetrate.

    Varanus stood on the deck of the ship that he had stolen from corsair vermin, watching the horizon for any sign of land. His mate, Fangara, stood next to him. She was a sly and cunning lizard, and although she was not as big and threatening as her mate, she was more clever and and a better strategist. T…

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  • Verminfate

    This just in!! Silva has given me permission to post the whole story!!! :D So expect updates at least once a week!!!

    This post has been moved, so that it's not a 'preview' anymore. Go to it here!

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  • Verminfate

    This story takes place after Doomwyte

    Evening sunlight flickered through the trees as two creatures stalked through the woodlands of Mossflower. One of them, a tall, gaunt ferret, peered up into a tree, his eyes narrowed to shield them from the setting sun. The other creature, a tubby rat, asked his companion, “Do yer see anythin' Red?”

    Redgo the ferret shook his head in frustration. “Naw, not a thing. I'm tellin' ye Flark, dat bird went inter a different tree. It twas an elm, not a sycamore.”

    Flark the rat frowned. “I coulda swore dat it was dis tree.”

    Redgo snorted and turned away. “Well ye swore wrong dere mate. Come on, we needs to get back to der Boss wid our load o' vittles.”

    Flark eyed the meager supply of roots, berries and a few half-ro…

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  • Verminfate

    Of Warriors and Corsairs

    November 4, 2009 by Verminfate

    A cold wind slid over the deck of the Bloodhelm. It was evening and the corsair ship had just come through a fierce storm. A fat searat with one ear clumped over to a tall weasel standing by the ship's rail. "Uh, Cap'n. The crew is fixin' a broken beam but everythin' else is shipshape." The weasel was silent. The rat boson gulped and tried again. "Er, Cap'n I said..." "I heard you Faggra." The weasel turned and stared hard at the searat. He was a tall, muscular vermin with a red sash and a round, spiked helmet. He had identical bracelets with metal spikes around them. At his side was a long, narrow scimitar thrust into a red belt studded with sharp metal spikes. His eyes were black and cold as ice. Drawing his scimitar, he pointed with it…

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