Every Redwall book has a main villain (i.e. Tsarmina in Mossflower). But when you look at The Taggerung there is no main warlord, tyrant, or corsair captain that dominates the villain part of the story.

At first it seems as though Sawney Rath would be the main villain, but he is killed by Antigra early in the book.

Other villains have prominate roles in the story, such as Vallug Bowbeast, Eefera, Gruven, and Ruggan Bor.

One would think that since Gruven is Deyna's arch-nemsis, that he would be the main villain. But he doesn't posses the qualities of other main antagonists in the series.

  • He doesn't lead a horde. (but he wanted too)
  • He is a total coward and everybeast knows it.
  • He is evil enough, but doesn't posses the fighting skills or intelligence to command a horde.

So although Gruven may be Deyna's mortal enemy, he doesn't seem like a normal main villain.

Then there are Vallug Bowbeast and Eefera. They are both sly and very evil vermin, but they, like Gruven, don't lead a horde. They very well could do it, but not together. Since Vallug is more of a nemisis to the heroes than Eefera, (killing Rillflag, wounding Fwirl and Deyna), the weasel is out as main villain.

Next is Ruggan Bor. He would definentaly qualify as a main villain, except that he is only in the ending of the book and does not die.

So the question remains......

Is there a main villain in The Taggerung? And if so.... who??

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