• Vesper the Brisk

    Okay, here's the prologue to my fan fiction The Brisk's Breeze!

    The misty bogs and foggy woods of Mossflower Country had an unusual moan to it; it hung over Mossflower, the gloomy fingers reaching out and taking in anything at sight. In the fog, a glow of a single fire was seen. It was a camp, hidden in a tumble of fallen trees; trees that tumbled, and fell onto another, giving it a ghostly look. At the base of a large beech was were the lonely fire sat, flaming wildly.

    The cries of a squirrel rent the air as he was hauled from his hiding place near the camp. Biting and snarling at his captors --who didn't seem to flinch at his small attacks-- dragged him in the dirt by his tail. The squirrel started to weep, realizing no one was to his rescu…

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