aka vitch

  • I live in scotland
  • I was born on May 21
  • I am female
  • Vitchtherat

    In the middle of a field in a small house there lived a small happy family a mother, father and their little son. The family are rats and they have every little money to keep themselves healthy. The young rat named vitch looks at his mother and father "mom, dad can i go out to play?" says vitch as he looks out the window of the living room twitching his little ears as he smiles happily. His mother looks at her husband and they both turn to look at their only son and his father spoke "sure son but stay close to the house." His father said and vitch ran to his parents and he hugs them both tight before he ran outside to play. Once vitch was outside he looks about and smiles to himself as he wonders down to the river near his home. While Vitc…

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