In the middle of a field in a small house there lived a small happy family a mother, father and their little son. The family are rats and they have every little money to keep themselves healthy. The young rat named vitch looks at his mother and father "mom, dad can i go out to play?" says vitch as he looks out the window of the living room twitching his little ears as he smiles happily. His mother looks at her husband and they both turn to look at their only son and his father spoke "sure son but stay close to the house." His father said and vitch ran to his parents and he hugs them both tight before he ran outside to play. Once vitch was outside he looks about and smiles to himself as he wonders down to the river near his home. While Vitch was playing in the river he saw something that made him shiver with fear as he jumps up and ran to the house, where he saw his mom and dad were talking to someone. His father was shouting at the creature while holding his wife tightly "WE SHALL NEVER GIVE YOU OUR SON YOU BEAST!" The creature laughs evilly under a mask that he was wearing which is blue and pink coloured, Vitch then saw a big bush red tail with a white tip at the end of his big bush tail appearing from his blue cape Vitch knew at once it was a fox but who? The fox with the mask and cape looks at Vitch's parents and he pulls his arm out from his cape and he grabs Vitch's father by the neck and Vitch ran to save his father from the big red fox. "H..HEY YOU STOP IT!" Vitch shouted with his high pitched squeal which made the fox to turn around aswell as his mother who quickly grabs her son and held him tightly protecting him from the fox who spoke with cruel in his voice "well well you must be vitch the little rat. I am Slagar the Cruel." His mother and father both shivered at the name as they look at the fox while Slagar held Vitch's father by the neck and he then flew Vitch's father at a wall who screamed with pain as he then lands face down on the hard stone floor. Vitch's mother lets go of her son and she ran to her husband huging him tightly as she lifts up his. Slagar laughs evilly as he watched Vitch's mom crying over her husbands body as it was still every still as she spoke " killed my husband you beast!!!!" Vitch's mother has tears in her holding her husband tightly kissing his forehead. Slagar just laughed evil at Vitch's mother holding her dead husband in

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