• Vulpine Bloodlust

    Sharkky looked out at the sky, the sun was setting. The searat slid down the mast & knocked at the door of his captain, Blakhart the vixen. As the door opened, a sly looking vixen looked out. "Wotcha want, rat? I'm trying to study these charts!" She said charts with a bark of frustration. Sharkky happily announced the good news. "Cap'n, I sees the island, not far now!" Blakhart pushed him aside and looked at the little island in the distance. "That better be Sampetra, lookout, or I'll make shure yer `ead's on the mast when we arrive!" She went back, slamming the door behind her. In the cabin, the vixen studyed the charts for the fifteenth time. "Blasted maps" She muttered. "Where the fang are we!?" She banged her fist on the small table. Wh…

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