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    The Warrior Lives On

    July 10, 2012 by W0NWILL

    Luke still had his paws around his dead enemy's throat, he was going to die here without seeing his son again. If he could cry underwater, he would. Sayna had been avenged, Martin would be a fine young mouse by now. His entire body ached, Vilu Daskar had wounded him severely as Luke had steered the Goreleech into the rocks. A determination, not unlike the one when he had sworn to avenge Sayna swept over him, he would see Martin again, aye, and the survivors of his tribe, someday. The lack of air took its toll and he passed out, headed towards death. Without him knowing a bewhiskered mouth grabbed him by his tunic.

    Luke woke up, which was a surprise in itself but a whiskered snout leering close to his face shocked him so much he tried to scr…

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