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    Issue #1

    Sunflash the Mace and Axtel Sturnclaw

    Our story begins in the depths of Mossflower Woods where a mole, Axtel Sturnclaw by name, has set up his camp. Right now he is sitting down to eat his mid-day meal: a couple of scones, some cheese and some elderberry cordial. He leans back against an old dead log, enjoying his meal. He thinks back over the past few days. It has been three days since he left Redwall Abbey to journey abroad. The Abbey beasts were sad to see him go, but he has promised to come back every winter, until his wandering spirit is satisfied, then he will go back to stay.

    Suddenly the mole warrior hears a smooth swishing sound…

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  • Wild Doogy Plumm

    Why, good day weary traveler! Come, come in and rest by the fire. It is a rather cold winter this season is it not? Now, prop up your feet, settle back in your chair, enjoy some hot mint tea, and listen to my story. It is a story of daring adventures, great battles, heroic deeds, evil schemes and surprising events. But should the last battle of Salamandastron be this way? Gaze into the fire and imagine yourself there, as I relate to you the tale of Salamandastron's end, and the two creatures that this story is about. Let me tell you the tale of Kyrad Bloodflay, Greatrat warlord, and the mighty Lord Cyrus Stormstrike, last of the Badger Rulers of Salamandastron....

    The Great Western Sea glistened like blood as the setting sun sank beyond th…

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    Spoiler warning!!! If you have not read Rakkety Tam then do NOT read this fan fic. (well you can if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you!!)

    It was deep midwinter in Mossflower Woods. Snowflakes drifted gently to the ground to disappear within the snow already on the forest floor. All was still and quiet, as the fire burned low in Cavern Hole at Redwall Abbey. In front of it sat many creatures, squirrels, otters, moles, hedgehogs, mice, and hares. Sitting in an armchair sat one old squirrel in particular, Wild Doogy Plumm. Across from him sat his best friend, Rakkety Tam MacBurl along with his wife Armel. Around them sat Tam's child and grandchildren, as well as many of their friends, including Ferdimond, Kersey and Dauncy de Mayne, Forem…

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    Spoiler Warning!!!!!! If you have not read Mattimeo and Pearls of Lutra then do NOT read this fan fic.!!!!!!! (You can if you want to, but don't blame me if you read one of those books and it gets spoiled for you!!!!)

    Out on the Western Sea under a full moonlit sky a ship sailed northward. On deck a searat stood dozing, his paws resting on the tiller handle. Down below the crew lay asleep in their bunks, some snoring, others muttering in their sleep, and below them were the slave galleys with squirrels, mice, hedgehogs, voles and otters chained to oars slumbering fitfully some whining and whimpering in their dreams. Only two slaves were not asleep, one an otter and the other a mouse. They were conveniently chained to an oar together so that t…

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    The Conquest

    February 7, 2009 by Wild Doogy Plumm

    It was a cold night on the shores of western Mossflower Woods. The ocean stretched on to the horizon line then faded into the night sky. Amid the sand dunes and the rocks stood Salamandastron,the mountain of the fire-lizard. The huge rock tower loomed high into the air, an impenetrable fortress.

    Sitting at a window high on the mountain's face, was an old hare in a pink regimental tunic with medals and badges pinned on it everywhere. By his side was strapped a rapier, thin and perilous looking though old. The hare was gray with a few white spots on him here and there. His eyes looked tired and worn out. His bristling moustachio was waxed and trimmed and in his hardened old paws he held a cup of tea.

    A knock on the door behind him broke the si…

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