• Wildcat Girl

    A thrilling adventure for any person to read! Tsemind the Dark is out to get Redwall, but first, Salamandastron, the Badger Lord, and the many hares are his way. But what Tsemind doesn't know at that the little wildcat Celina, a oar slave, is a planning a escape and to put a end Tsemind, and the other slaves follow in her tracks. But what the slaves don't know is that Celina has a reason to go after Tsemind. And, Tsemind's own son, Kelvin, is also going behind his back with plans.

    Can Celina ever free the slaves and get her revenge?

    Can Tsemind get pass the Badger Lord and The Long Patrol?

    What is Kelvin planning?

    And does it have a connection with Celina?

    Find out in "The Wildcat of Redwall"!

    Coming Soon!

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