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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Freelance artist
  • I am Female
  • WildloughRhulain

    Warriors are seldom born, instead becoming the way they do through trial. As the strongest weapons are forged in the greatest fires, such is a true warrior forged with the greatest hardships and suffering, then tempered with experience. This is the story of such a warrior. This is the story of Jadrin Streamrunner.

    My story begins in a small holt by the River Moss, a comfortable little cottage just north of the ruins of Saint Ninian’s church. The second of four kits, I was born in midsummer to Radlar and Brookflash Streamrunner. When I was old enough to understand, Mum told me that Skipjack, my elder brother by two seasons, had been just as excited as they were over my birth. I still remember her words:

    “Jadrin, I thought your brother might g…

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  • WildloughRhulain

    A/N: Any characters and places not Brian Jacques' in this fic are mine, including Rainbow Cavern. A/N 2: The opening poem is still in progress.

    The pearls are gone, Mad Eyes is dead; a snake can't live without its head.
    I thought that marten's legacy would go away and leave me be.
    My paws would never raise my bow to kill again. But it's not so.
    The armored mouse has led me here, joined by the one I hold most dear.
    My husband yearns to live in peace. And so did I. I craved release.
    Release from war, release from hate. I almost crossed Dark Forest's gate
    To join my kin the day they died. They said it's easy, but they lied.
    Vengeance is now all I crave, nobeast now my soul can save.

    You can put the past behind you, but sometimes it comes back.

    You can…

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