Well, the whole reason why I am writing this is because I am curious to know if anyone has noticed this about Redwall. The first thing I noticed that is different from the other books is that Cluny and his army of rats arrive in Mossflower is by a wagon, which is obviously very big because for that many rats to fit on it it has to be big. And that the wagon is pulled by a horse,a big one by the description. Farther on in the book it mentions it mentions farms with livestock, a gentlebeasts are vegetarians. Obviously rats, weasels, stoats, etc are the ones who eat meat. And it mentions pigs throught the book to. When has pigs ever been mentioned in the other books? The other thing I noticed that Constance the badger walks on all four legs several times throught the book. I never recall ever reading about other beasts walking on all fours, besides lizards and other non-intelligent creatures. And it says that Cluny is a portuguese rat because he so large. What I am getting at is that it seems there is hints of humans in this book. With big horses, big wagons, and farms with livestock. Does anyone else see this?

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