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    Here's my guide to Redwall books. Below you will find sections for each book. Under each section is a link to the official Redwall wiki page, which contains a detailed plot summary, my own brief summary, my thoughts, and, in some cases, fanfiction recommendations.

    Author's Note: The recommended fanfics are my personal favs. Please don't be offended if I don't list yours. There are many well written fanfictions on this site, to many to list, so I had to choose. You can suggest some to me in the comments but please DON'T rave at me, or ask why I don't recommend certain ones.

    REMINDER: These are MY opinions, and if I offend anyone for any reason, it isn't on purpose. Like I said, they are my OPINIONS.

    The Legend of Luke

    Summary: Martin's friends …

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    Which character are you most like? To find out go to..........JK! Anyway, take the quiz!!!! (Although it's not up yet) It won't be posted until the fanfic is further along. There's a character in the quiz that hasn't been introduced yet. Windy WildbrushNever mess with a fox when death is on the line! 22:16, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

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    URGENT UPDATE- This fanfic is now on hold. Arrow is so busy with school she rarely has time to write, and my life just got uber busy. There will be no more updates for awhile. However, the next time we get a chance, the next update that is posted will finish Book One.

    This is co-written by Arrowtail and Windflin Wildbrush. The update list is on Windflin's user page. We decided to dedicate this to all the evil warlords and ladys, along with the heroes and heroines that defeated them! (but that doesn't mean that's how this story turns out! Mwahaha!) And a big thanks to all the users who helped come up with names. And thanks to Brockfang, our beta. Now stop reading this and move on the the story!!!!! Windflin Wildbrush Evil foxmaid on the loos…

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