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  • Wolf985

    Rogue Tide

    December 1, 2013 by Wolf985

    Chapter One

    In the backstage of the theater; secluded by musty, tattered old velvet curtains, Nialla sat at a polished hardwood table, running a bristled comb through her smooth black fur and sighing a bit. Another mundane, sub-par day at work. How had she expected anything more or less? The old saying went, do what you want for a living and you’ll never have to work until the day you die; but lately Nialla was having less and less positive feelings about her current line of work. What with the lower and lower turnout of decent customers, and the ever-increasing number of males who would show up for the sole purpose of wolf-whistling and eyeing her body, one could not blame the otter for considering quitting.

    Across from her, a friend of Nia…

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  • Wolf985

    The Seer

    March 24, 2012 by Wolf985

    This story is being moved from my account on Redwall Wars Wiki to here. This will be my first ever fan fic about my avatar character, Alina Foeslayer.

    An aging wolf sat in Cavern Hole with a large audience around her. All of Redwall Abbey yearned to hear her story. Where had she come from? What happened on her adventures? Why did she come to the Abbey so long ago? These were only a few of the questions floating through the creature's minds. At last she spoke, "The story you are about to hear is full of sadness and heartache, but it also has it's share of adventure and an unforgettable romance. If you are one who hates to cry I suggest that you leave now."

    No creature moved. The wolf cleared her throat and began her tale...

    The sond of drums f…

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  • Wolf985

    The Captain's Daughter

    August 10, 2011 by Wolf985

    This is going to be a sequel to "A Tale of Two Rogues" so if you haven't read that yet you might get a bit lost. Disclaimer: Nico the otter and the Skelton family is owned by Salem the Cruel. Thank you Salem for letting me use them.

    Thunder roared as bolts of bright white lightning ripped across the dark sky like angry scars. Heavy rain poured down from the heavens and onto the deck of a lone ship and the rough endless sea surrounding it. A cold winter wind howled through the frost covered rigging. The freezing deckhands pulled on heavy ropes to try and furl the sails so they wouldn't get damaged in the gale and so the ship wouldn't get blown off course. The Captain was among them, shouting orders over the gale to scrape the ice off of the…

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  • Wolf985

    Mina Silvermist

    June 21, 2011 by Wolf985

    From the journal of Sister Churk, Otter recorder of Redwall Abbey.

    "Today marks the first day of summer, And what a beautiful day it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everybeast is in a cheery mood, well except brother Marcus. That mouse is never happy. Anyways, the Abbott has planned a large feast in celebration of the new season for this evening. I can't wait to sample all of the delicious dishes that are to be prepared. Uh oh, here comes trouble. My brother's son Garth is climbing the wallsteps towards me. I'll write later, maybe."

    Churk shut her book and set it beside her along with her quill and ink just as Garth made it up to the battlements. "Hey Auntie what're ya doin?" He asked.

    "I was writing you young rogue. Wow yo…

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  • Wolf985

    Chapter 10

    Crash! The two blades slammed against each other as Nathaniel charged the hare. His eyes had become a deep blood red. Bloodwrath red. Dagwood easily blocked the next attack, forcing Nathaniel towards the wallsteps which led to the belltower. The Major kept blocking and dodging the sea otter captain's blows and kept pushing him towards the steps. Nathaniel tripped backwards on the bottom step and landed on his back. Dagwood saw his oppertunity to strike and sliced Nathaniel's shoulder. He yelped in pain and quickly got up before the hare could take advantage of him again. Dagwood hadn't expected him to recover so fast and was surprised when the sea otter took off his ear with one swing of his cutlass.Dripping blood, Nathaniel ran …

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