if this was a book this is what i'd want the cover to look like..Well sorta.

chapter 1

A Salamandaston hare galloper was scouring the beach when he heard a high pitched cry down by the water. Dagwood Consfortingtam ran as fast as he could toward the noise tightly grabbing his javelin. He spotted an object down by the water that looked like a basket. As it turned out, it was a basket. when Dagwood peered inside he was shocked to find a tiny baby otter. she had to be only days old. he quickly fashoned a sling out of the cloth she was wrapped in he put her in the sling and held her tight as he hurried back to the mountain with the otter babe.

Colonol Whipscut rushed into lord Brang's forge room. "Lord, excuse my interuption sir, but the scout Consfortintam found an otter babe down by the tideline."

"An otter? Tell him to come up here with the babe."

Whipscut saluted the badger lord and went to fetch Dagwood. Dagwood knocked on the forge room door with his free paw. "Enter!" boomed Lord Brang.

Dagwood entered. "You wanted to see me sir?" he asked.

Brang nodded. "May i see the otter babe?"

The hare handed her to the badger lord. she fit in one of his massive paws. "You said you found her on the beach?"

"Yes sir. What awful creature would abandon their child?"

"My guess would be, ypung dagwood, is that her mother had lost her mate before she was born and the child looks like him. Dagwood i trust you to care for her like a father."

"Yes sir."

"What are you going to name her?" asked the badger lord.

" about Clarice, that's a pretty name."

"Clarice it is."

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