• Zaan Juskarath Taggerung


    December 8, 2009 by Zaan Juskarath Taggerung

    When the seasons have come and gone,

    When the young ones have grown and passed,

    One sanctuary stands strong and tall.

    That is the Abbey of Redwall!

    It withstood the evil that had attacked its gates,

    Like Slagar, Sawney, and Cluney the Scourge.

    The warriors who heeded the call,

    Took up the sword and defeated them all.

    Its gates are open to all who come,

    Whether it is mouse, mole, or rat.

    Would you gaze at a tapestry on the wall,

    In the comfort of great hall?

    Would you like to dine in Cavern Hole,

    Sharing a pudding, baked by the friar?

    So come on in, ye weary traveller,

    You're always welcome at Redwall!

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