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  • Zampapes

    So I got The Redwall Cookbook and was really excited to try the recipes! Here are the recipes I made (the pictures are of food the I made, not from online).

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  • Zampapes

    This Fanon blog will be updated hopefully every week or so. P.S. Sorry about the format, I am copying it from google docs because that's where I am writing it with my classmate/friend.

    UPDATE: Due to busy schedules and one person being on vacation the writing will be delayed!

    Newest Update: This blog of the story is outdated and will be discontinued until me and my friend finish it in docs.

    The otters Nile, Dyve, and, little Squiggle were out fishing on River Moss on a windy morning, “Sure is a fine day for fishin’, ain’t it Dyve?” “Sure is Nile, windy, perfect temperature, an’ liddle Squiggle’s having it too ain’t she?” responded Dyve. Little Squiggle was dancing around in there fishing coracle chanting, “I gonna catch a twout!” “Right yo…

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