So I got The Redwall Cookbook and was really excited to try the recipes! Here are the recipes I made (the pictures are of food the I made, not from online).


Rosey's Jolly Raspberry Jelly Cakes. These were delicious! Only problem is I think the recipe called for to much butter because the crust fell apart.


This is an Afternoon Tea Scone with Jelly and Cream. This recipe was by far my favorite. When it came out of the oven I thought it looked weird, but with the strawberry jelly and the whipped cream on top it was DELICIOUS!


These were Guosim Shrew Shortbread and were also very delicious like the rest! It was really sweet and buttery which are my favorite things in food :3 Note: If you want to eat health, DO NOT eat this, it's 1 cup of butter mixed with flour and sugar, and turns into dough without water or milk so it is very unhealthy! But, it tastes good.

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