• Zaran Rhulain

    Everything Back to Zero

    December 31, 2009 by Zaran Rhulain

    Hey, it's been a long while since I made a new story. This idea has been rattling my head for a while, but it finally solidified when dA artist, RJ Pilot drew his vision of a future Redwall. Forget trans-dimensional generators; what would happen if Redwall was advanced a few millenia into the future?


    Taken from Holographic Study Aid (HSA), Catergory: History, Subject: "Summarization of Known Records"

    It is the year 2298, almost 4000 years since the Great Vermin Wars, since the first official truce and treaty between vermin and woodlanders had been made, since a real united civilization has been established. It wasn't easy, putting aside prejudices, long standing superiority complexes, and de facto customs. A timeline of the world's his…

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    Preview Story

    August 29, 2009 by Zaran Rhulain

    Just trying out a new story, whether to write it in the blog box or on word. Apparently I write more in the blog box. If you see a mistake or a sentence that doesn't make sense, point it out.

    Zaran Rhulain Message me! 07:58, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

    Age 1:

    An eerie mist hovers around in the darkness of the mind, white gates stand like obelisks, guards of time and entry. His mind is too young to comprehend what appears before him, all he knows is told by a base instinct that tells him that the next time he is here, there is no exit, only a path that leads beyond the gates and into the unknown. Be that as it may, the young one already knows what the color black signifies, whether in this world or the next. Death.

    Age 8:

    The same mist still hovers, but …

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  • Zaran Rhulain

    To animate the 4th season of Redwall dubbed Mossflower

    The Redwall Animation Studios is a group of artists, animators, and Redwall fans. We're currently working on a 13-episode television adaptation of Brian Jacques' book Mossflower. Although we are currently in planning and recruiting stages, we're making fast progress, so stay tuned for updates, and feel free to apply for a position, or look at what we've done so far.

    • Note, these names are all deviantart usernames
    • Note, cast list is still be updated
    • Note, we are still looking for more actors

    Generic Goodbeasts]]
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    For The Woodpiegons

    January 30, 2009 by Zaran Rhulain

    In the depths of Mossflower, where birds sing and bugs crawl. The woodpigeons were planning a coup against all land walkers (Keep in mind that they are the most vulnerable of birds).They were resentful about how many of their kind was slayed and how many of their nest's robbed just to feed the no winged-creatures.

    Cuckoo, leader of the United Woodpigeons (Yes they formed their own secret society), addressed the hundreds of pigeons perched in the surrounding trees,

    (Translated from birdspeak)

    "Coooooeeeee....... my winged brethen, for countless seasons have we been hunted down by the no-wings just to feed their stomachs. For countless seasons our nests were robbed repeatedly. YET WE PREVAIL, our numbers throughout the woods have grown enormous…
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  • Zaran Rhulain

    By Zaran Rhulain Message me!

    Credit to Sambrook the otter(The Artist) My Usertalk Page!. for his awesome pictures which he took time out of his day to draw them.

    This was the first fanfiction I wrote when I first joined Redwall Wikia a year ago. Although it's been re-written, if you look closely, you can see the progress I've made from the first chapter to the last chapter. Thanks for reading.

    Amidst the blowing snow being thrown left and right by the ever howling wind, among the dark bruised clouds slowly gliding over the landscape, a traveler is seen coming down the path, paw tracks appearing and disappearing on the snow covered road. With her head bent, cloak fluttering, and dirk rustling within its sheath in the wind, she continues to walk unt…

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