Just trying out a new story, whether to write it in the blog box or on word. Apparently I write more in the blog box. If you see a mistake or a sentence that doesn't make sense, point it out.

Zaran Rhulain Svar Colored Kaylee Message me! 07:58, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Age 1:

An eerie mist hovers around in the darkness of the mind, white gates stand like obelisks, guards of time and entry. His mind is too young to comprehend what appears before him, all he knows is told by a base instinct that tells him that the next time he is here, there is no exit, only a path that leads beyond the gates and into the unknown. Be that as it may, the young one already knows what the color black signifies, whether in this world or the next. Death.

Age 8:

The same mist still hovers, but now he knows he is within the confines of his mind, but is still too young to comprehend. Creatures come and go; each one more mysterious than the last, some more sinister feeling, all unidentified. Finally one soul comes to this that he easily recognizes, yet has been taught to avoid. It is a ferret, scared and meek looking as she also seems to be bewildered at her surroundings. Without knowing why, the still young otter feels an instant kinship with the fellow mustelidae and extends a paw in greeting. As soon as she got over her surprise at where she was and at the young otter’s open friendliness, she immediately reached out to grasp the proffered paw.

As the otter and ferret’s paws meet, the world seems to become hazy and diluted to his mind. The ferret appears to fade out and no longer feels solid as the mist envelopes her to take her back to where she came from. Now, only the white mist remains.

Suddenly, the ashen mist clumps together and begins to shape itself. It starts to outline a bed followed by sheets, followed by a pillow, until finally it outlines the otter himself. He sees his misty doppelganger roll once to his left before rapidly rolling back and tumbling to the floor, clutching at his cloudy head.

The otter suddenly wakes up to an irritating stomach pain; the pain is so intense that it causes him to roll quickly to one side of the bed. Unfortunately, he forgot about the dresser that covered that side of the bed and his head meets the solid furniture with a loud thunk. Groaning and turning back to nurse his new pain, he rolls too far and with an audible thump, tumbles off the bed, now clutching at his head and rubbing at his stomach

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