• Zaran The Black

    This is a sequel to Doomwyte by Me!

    At Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Woods, Zaran was swimming in the pond. The feeling of water had erased her mind of anything in the Abbey. Zaran had come up for air when a black shadow went over her. Coming down in a ball of fur was her husband Skipper Rorgus. He hit the water with a big splash!
    "Rorgus!! Thank ya for ruinin' my afternoon swim!"Zaran joked."Where is'a Rorzan?"
    Rorgus had stopped smiling."I-I haven' see him all day! Rorzan!!!"called Rorgus as he got out of the water. No answer. Zaran had quickly got up."RORZAN!!!!!"Rorgus called again. This time there was a answer, but not from Rorzan.
    "Mista' Skipper can't ya stop with the yellin'?"complained dibbun squirrelmaid Trissa."Rorzan isn' here!"

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