This is a sequel to Doomwyte by Me!

Book 1: The Blackness

Chapter 1

At Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Woods, Zaran was swimming in the pond. The feeling of water had erased her mind of anything in the Abbey. Zaran had come up for air when a black shadow went over her. Coming down in a ball of fur was her husband Skipper Rorgus. He hit the water with a big splash!
"Rorgus!! Thank ya for ruinin' my afternoon swim!"Zaran joked."Where is'a Rorzan?"
Rorgus had stopped smiling."I-I haven' see him all day! Rorzan!!!"called Rorgus as he got out of the water. No answer. Zaran had quickly got up."RORZAN!!!!!"Rorgus called again. This time there was a answer, but not from Rorzan.
"Mista' Skipper can't ya stop with the yellin'?"complained dibbun squirrelmaid Trissa."Rorzan isn' here!"
Zaran had the babe by her fur."When!? Where!? How!? Speak Trissa!"she exclaimed.
"H-he went out the west gate! Put me down riverdog!"Zaran dropped the squirrel and ran to the west gate. It was open!
Rorgus had finally got there."We have to get the otters and do'a-"Zaran was out the gate in a flash and was in Mossflower.
Walking for about ten minutes, Rorgus and Zaran heard a little yell. It was Rorzan! Doing quick walk-run, they found Rorzan under two tall otters. Rorgus what about attack, but Zaran had lunged first. The otter were down under the warrior. Zaran was about to question them when one said,"Ira stop!".
Zaran leaped back."Who are ya talkin' 'bout?
The otters had regained their breathe. Rorgus had Rorzan, waiting for them to answer."It's me! Kala Streambattle! Ya sis! And that's Rivertail!"the otter gasped.
Rorgus spoke up."Zaran his no sister or'a brother, Ms. Kala and Mr.Rivertail."
"Ira, you don't remember us from Holt Streambattle?"Rivertail asked.
"I....I-I don't remember nothing from this place called Holt Streambattle! My name is Zaran the Black and it was always that!"
"No, no it wasn't Ira. We live at Holt Streambattle and ya went missing at the age of five seasons."
Zaran was turning to leave. But Rivertail stopped her and Rorgus growled."Get out'a her way otter! She can leave if she wants."
"Ha, ya don' tell me the way to treat my lil' sis! Come on Kala, Ira! Ya are comin'!"Rivertail swung at Zaran with his ruddertail and she went limp.
Rorgus dropped Rorzan and charged but was quickly put out by Kala. So was Rorzan. The two were sat next to a tree. Zaran the Black, or Ira Streambattle, was on her way to a new home.

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