• Zego the Scar

    Essay: Rose's Fate.

    August 10, 2011 by Zego the Scar

    Rose of Noonvale, we all know her, we all love her, we all wish she didn't die. Well OK, some of us don't exactly wish that, and are satisfied with the story, I am not. There are two sides to this debate which has been going on since the book was released, why did she have to die. One side, the one which I support has compassion for Rose, and wanted her to survive. The other side, thinks that she should have died, and enforces what is considered "cannon." Many of us have protested about this, but it has not yet been changed. Mainly because it would mess up the series. There are all different reasons as to why she should/shouldn't have survived.

    Martin could move on to Mossflower. Martins sword wouldn't be passed on through lineage, a…

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