• Zenthartheflash

    Baragaurd the eagle flapped out of the dark, leafy foliage. He looked down at his audience. Young creatures, not quite dibbuns, looked impatiently up at him. One, a young hedgehog, roared impudently "Big birdee wirdee bag, get a moove on it!" The golden eagles eyes silenced him fiercely. "KKKRREEEE!!!! I tell you when I wan' to. You learn yer manners, yung un!" Howerver, the eagle looked down with amusement. "I tell it to you, iv you bee goood. KKRREE!!!" Thus the tale of the otter warrior unfolded.

    Drendel wandered down the corridors of the abbey with her friend, the teenage-otter Vulma.

    "Wers da shtarecase? Wersit?"

    Vulma smiled at the young mouse. "Between the great hall and cavern hole. We're nearly there." The impatient Drendel was not e…

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