• Ziral Silvertail
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  • Ziral Silvertail
    A fox mother had just gave birth to a fox babe. She had a silver tail.
    "I'm calling her Ziral Silvertail. You can call her whatever you like Deadblood!"she snarled at her mate.
    Captain Deadblood of the Bloody Wave glared at his mate."How about weak or pitiful?! A girl,Filth her name will be!"he said.
    "Her name is Ziral! Not Filth,like you are!"screamed the fox mate.
    Deadblood lunged at his mate,causing her to drop the babe. The babe watched as he clawed his mate to the bone. Once he was done and had the fox's blood on his claws and paws,he gave one look at the babe,and said one word:"Filth!"and stormed out the cabin to the fox crew waiting.

    "Ziral!! Your dadde wadde the Captain wants you!"said Redtooth to the much older Ziral.
    Ziral came out her sm…

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