• Zoso159

    People in Redwall?

    May 24, 2010 by Zoso159

    I noticed while listening to the High Rhulain audio book where there was a part where Jeefra and Pitru were fighting when Riggu Felis began to argue with his wife. He was exclaiming how he was the only true wild cat and how long ago the wild cats liberated the feral cats from, “stronger beasts” and how they were, “tamed creatures” “who could not defend for themselves” and how the feral cats came from the sunset lands of the far oceans. We only know so little of Mossflower and any time we venture away from it in any of the books then it is only to a small island a few days from the coast. We also only know about a hand full of different species and the only ones that we know about that can talk and utilize weapons are badgers and wolveri…

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  • Zoso159

    There can be spoilers here so do not read this if you have not read Mossflower, The Legend of Luke, Mossflower, probably none of you care but there are a few spoilers for The Dark Tower books as well.

    Even though Redwall and the Dark tower are completely different in everyway I still found some things that made these two heroes alike.

    • First off they were raised by their Father to be a hero.

    -Luke wanted to make Martin the next leader of their tribe.

    -Roland’s father wanted Roland to become a gunslinger since Roland was the next heir to the throne so he had to.

    • Both were thrown into their role as a hero very early in life.

    -Martin was enslaved by Badrang.

    -Gilead the town Roland lived in was destroyed by Martin and Farson.

    • They both had their small…

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  • Zoso159

    Well I have just arrived home from Muscatine Iowa with a full stomach and mix of good and bad memories. I ran into more than I expected not with the convention but the condition of the town I never knew that they were the button capital of the world with their large amounts of clams but now with jobs going over seas the town is pretty much abandon. I would only see a few cars and people around all of the houses were falling apart and I could see the buildings that used to house factories. On my way to the library I saw empty stores "closed, sorry closed, out of businesses, or available for rent" seems like the town is losing what they had and trying to keep the rest. The people there were good enough all the people were from different s…

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  • Zoso159

    Outcasts and The Forrgoten

    January 8, 2010 by Zoso159

    ZoSo159 02:54, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

    Chris’s ship went off the waves he stood on the starboard side looking for land he pulled up his sleeve revealing his tattoo one that his three companion’s boar as well it showed a compass that had a crack in it as well as part of the point broken off it was a symbol depicting them as out casts out casts to a home Chris wished he would have left long ago he pulled his sleeve back down and pulled up the hood on his black robe he knew where he was going Mossflower he wanted to find a place where legends were made and maybe Chris could join them. The thing he wanted to do though was find out where he belonged he could see land and turned to his small crew, “land ho!” his first mate a ferret named Zean was …

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