I noticed while listening to the High Rhulain audio book where there was a part where Jeefra and Pitru were fighting when Riggu Felis began to argue with his wife. He was exclaiming how he was the only true wild cat and how long ago the wild cats liberated the feral cats from, “stronger beasts” and how they were, “tamed creatures” “who could not defend for themselves” and how the feral cats came from the sunset lands of the far oceans. We only know so little of Mossflower and any time we venture away from it in any of the books then it is only to a small island a few days from the coast. We also only know about a hand full of different species and the only ones that we know about that can talk and utilize weapons are badgers and wolverines. We know that badgers would not do something as to enslave a large amount of cats and wolverines tend to be very aggressive and stay by themselves or leading vermin hoards. Brian could have been referring to any other species but people are about the only species that tame animals and make them pets or things to help with labor. So maybe there are people in far off lands across great oceans maybe like a lot of things in this series Brian decided to leave it to our imagination and let us write the story from there.

P.S. Riggu said all of this on page 56 of the U.S. paper back copy.

P.S.S. Comment and write your response!

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