Vallug Bowbeast


Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Bow and Arrows, Gruven Zann's Sword
Death: Beheaded by Deyna the Taggerung
Appears: Taggerung

A big, powerful ferret in the Juskarath clan, Vallug Bowbeast was feared for his skill with the bow and arrows.

For many seasons, he was one of the most trusted assassins to Sawney Rath, and was the killer of Rillflag in the search for the Taggerung. After Sawney's death, Vallug was among the vermin selected to hunt Deyna the Taggerung with Gruven. Gruven was despised and soon Vallug, along with the weasel Eefera, deserted their comrades to search for the Taggerung on their own. Both Vallug and Eefera were tough and clever, and neither trusted the other.

Their search brought them south to Redwall Abbey. They assumed that the Taggerung was inside, so they made a simple but effective plan: Vallug would snipe away at the Redwallers on the walls and they would demand the return of the Taggerung. Unfortunately the Redwallers had no idea who the Taggerung was, but Vallug and Eefera did not believe them, and the sniping continued for a while.

Meanwhile, Gruven eventually found his way to Redwall Abbey. He and his partners, Dagrab and Rawback, were captured by Vallug and Eefera, who made them do their work. Finally, Deyna did come out, mad with fury, and Vallug was beheaded in the consequent battle. Previously, an arrow fired by the ferret wounded the Badger Mother Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, who subsequently died.

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