Vallug Bowbeast


Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Bow and Arrows, Gruven Zann's Sword
Death: Beheaded by Deyna with the Sword of Martin
Appears: Taggerung

A big, powerful ferret in the Juskarath clan, Vallug Bowbeast was feared for his skill with the bow and arrows. He was alleged to be able to hit a dragonfly on the wing.

For many seasons, he was one of the most trusted assassins to Sawney Rath. He slew Rillflag under Sawney's orders, enabling Sawney to kidnap Rillflag's son Deyna to raise as the new Taggerung. After Sawney's murder, Vallug was among the vermin selected to hunt with Gruven and slay Deyna, who had been blamed for the crime. Gruven was inept, and his followers made no secret of their contempt for him. Soon Vallug, along with Eefera, deserted the hunt to continue the journey on their own terms. Both Vallug and Eefera were tough and clever, and widely experienced. Neither trusted the other, and each had plans of slaying the other to take all the reward after Deyna was killed, but they agreed that working together for the time being was the best plan.

Their search brought them south to Redwall Abbey. They assumed that the Taggerung was inside, but in reality they had beaten him there. They discovered Poskra had kidnapped two Dibbuns, and killed the old rat, taking the hostages for themselves to use to barter for Deyna. Fwirl rescued the little ones, and the pair developed a new strategy; Vallug would snipe away at the Redwallers on the walls, until they agreed to hand over the Taggerung. Unfortunately, the Redwallers had no idea who the Taggerung was, but Vallug and Eefera did not believe them. Vallug wounded Hoarg and Fwirl, and he and Eefera captured Nimbalo to use as a hostage. During the standoff, Gruven eventually found his way to Redwall Abbey. He and his partners, Dagrab and Rawback, were captured and enslaved by Vallug and Eefera.

Vallug threatened to shoot more Redwallers if the Taggerung was not surrendered. He aimed an arrow at Cregga when she tried to explain they didn't know who or what a Taggerung was. Meanwhile, Deyna had arrived at the Abbey, unbeknownst to Cregga. Revealing himself as the Taggerung, he attacked Vallug and Eefera with the Sword of Martin, beheading Vallug on the spot. Unfortunately, he was not quick enough to save Cregga, as Vallug loosed the fatal arrow an instant before his death.