Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Executed by Damug Warfang
Appears: The Long Patrol

Vendace was a male fox and a former Rapscour in the Rapscallion army of Damug Warfang. Along with his partner Borumm, the pair were supporters of Damug's brother and rival, Byral Fleetclaw. Unsastisfied with Damug's rule, they plotted to assassinate him and recruited the help of Lugworm. After a failed assasination attempt on Damug, Borumm, Vendace, and co-conspirator Lugworm were chained together, however, they stole a file and tried to escape. They were joined by a large group of other deserters and planned to raid the Guosim shrews. They were attacked by the Rapmarks Skaup and Henbit.

Many deserters were killed rather than captured. Vendace, Borumm, and eight others were taken back to Damug. As a sign of his cruelty, Damug had them killed by tying rocks around their necks and throwing them into a river.