Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Dirk
Death: Slain by Ruggan Axehound
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Viglat was a overweight, one-eyed, male ferret who lived in a gloomy part of Mossflower Woods. He was the leader of a small force of rats, stoats, and ferrets. He and his beasts captured Rogue Crew scouts Gil and Dreel, but the duo were rescued by their comrades, and Viglat found himself the one captured by the Rogue Crew, Long Patrol, and Guosim. He was force-fed hotroot soup until he consented to lead the band to Redwall Abbey, carrying Drogbuk Wiltud on his back.

Eventually, the goodbeasts had enough of the bad smell coming from the unwashed bodies of Drogbuk and Viglat, so Skor Axehound ordered two of his otters to give the pair a bath. In the commotion caused by this event, Viglat managed to escape.

He found Ketral Vane, and told him where to find the beasts that captured him. The pair followed the army, but when Ketral killed Swiffo with a poisoned dart, Ruggan Axehound chased down Viglat and Ketral, and slew them both.