Violet Wildstripe

Violet Wildstripe by Sean Rubin
Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Unknown
Known Predecessor:Ambrevina Rockflash
Known Successor:Unknown
Weapon:Lance, Rapier
Appears:The Rogue Crew

Lady Violet Wildstripe was a young female badger ruler of Salamandastron. She had a cream-colored stripe and violet colored eyes as her name suggests, and liked to read about Salamandastron's past history. Though she possessed good common sense and a cool head, she was new to the position and was very inexperienced in the rules and regulations at the mountain. She looked to Major Felton Fforbes for advice, and allowed him to correct any errors she made when necessary.

When four disobedient hares tricked the Badger Lady into letting them stand guard outside, Fforbes chided Violet for the error; however, the pair did not do anything about it, thinking that letting the young ones freeze and catch a cold would teach them a lesson. This proved to be a mistake, as Razzid Wearat and his crew slew the guards during the night. When the relief guard found the bodies and raised the alarm, Violet and a band of Long Patrol hares ran out to the beach to investigate. They spotted Razzid's wheeled ship Greenshroud in the distance; as they were sailing off, the vermin fired arrows from the ship's two giant crossbows at the badger, but she sidestepped them neatly, showing the vermin she was not afraid. After Razzid had gone, Violet and her hares discussed what should be done about this new threat to Mossflower Country and the area about it. Violet decided to send Captain Rake Nightfur and a squadron to the High North Coast; they were to form an alliance with the Rogue Crew, the only beasts known to have defeated Razzid before.

Later, Lady Violet, anxious for news of Rake's return, took a group of cadets on an overnight patrol about the shores; this doubled as both a holiday and an attempt to find traces of Captain Nightfur. During the patrol, Grumby, Folderum and Frubbs ran afoul of a fugitive band of vermin from Razzid's crew. While Grumby and Folderum held them off, Frubbs ran for help and brought Lady Violet and the rest of the hares back. They chased the vermin into the night, but the corsairs shortly returned, pursued by Rake and the Rogue Crew in the Greenshroud. After finishing off the battle, the hares and otters gave Lady Violet a ride back to Salamandastron in the wheeled ship that they had commandeered. Lady Violet then wrote an account of these events, and of the final fate of the Greenshroud.

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