The Volcano Island Vermin lived on Volcano Island and captured travelers by laying piles of drugged fruit on the beach. Beau, Dulam, Denno, Cardo and several other mice from Luke the Warrior's tribe were caught this way.

The vermin included a tribe of ratlike rodents who painted themselves with dyes of various colors and adorned themselves with seashells, a female weasel leader named Marrahagga, and a giant snake called Slariss who ate the live offerings of the tribe.

Luke killed the green snake Slariss while trying to rescue the others, and trapped all of the ratlike rodents inside the cave of the volcano where they lived, but took Marrahagga out with him. Marrahagga gave him information about the Goreleech, then Luke made her eat the drugged fruit.

Known members


The Volcano Island Vermin appear in The Legend of Luke.

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