Place of Origin:Isle of Irgash
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Voogal was a corsair ferret in the crew of Razzid Wearat, serving on board the Greenshroud. When Uggo Wiltud and Posybud escaped the Greenshroud, Razzid sent Ricker and Voogal after them. The pair tracked the escaped prisoners through a stinking marshland, though with no great relish. Eventually, they gave up the task, sat down to eat, and argued what to do next.

Ricker was in the midst of bickering with Voogal, when Sircolo swooped in, slew the rat, and carried him off to eat him; horrified by the sight, Voogal fled, afraid the giant bird would want to eat him as well. In his flight, he blundered into a Guosim camp, and was promply knocked unconscious by Log-a-Log Dandy Clogs.

When he came to, Voogal willingly told the Guosim all he knew about Razzid's current plans - he had no loyalty to Razzid other than fear. Later, he was left in the care of the Fortunate Freepaws, who planned on caring for him and teaching him how to behave.

Voogal and Crumdun were the only members of Razzid's crew to survive the events of the book.