Place of Origin:Riftgard
Weapon: Spear
Death: Chopped in half by Sagaxus
Appears: Triss

Vorto was a tall rat whom Princess Kurda promoted to captain in the Ratguard of Riftgard as Riftun's replacement, after the latter was killed by a bolt of lightning. He had a poor relationship to Plugg Firetail's Freebooters, often showing open disdain to them.

Vorto accompanied Kurda, Riggan the slavecatcher and the Ratguards on their chase of escaped slaves Trisscar Swordmaid and Shogg, but did not exactly prove himself a good captain at the encounter with the Coneslingers. He, along with Riggan, took the unofficial role as counselor to Kurda later on, supplying her with the idea to hang bait for the three snakes Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra, for example. There was, however, something of a rivalry between him and the slavecatcher.

He and Riggan were the last surviving Ratguards to escape with Kurda. Vorto assisted in the capture of Scarum, but was killed soon after by Sagaxus.