Place of Origin:North Shores
Weapon: Spear, Cutlass
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Vurg was the best friend of Luke the Warrior, a member of his tribe, and a member of his crew when he captained the Sayna. After Vilu Daskar's crew massacred Luke's tribe, Vurg was the first to get him to come to his senses.

Some time later, the Sayna was smashed by the Goreleech. Vurg was the only one from the ship to both survive the wreck and not get captured by Vilu Daskar's crew and made into a slave. Vurg wept long and hard at the terrible tragedy, thinking himself to be the only one on Twin Islands. He then encountered Beau, who had survived being thrown overboard during a storm and washed up there. Together Beau and Vurg attempted to build a raft to follow the Goreleech with, but it was far from sea-worthy. Bolwag the sea lion came and helped by providing them with sticky, bubble-filled bladderwhack.

Helped along by Bolwag and a school of bottlenosed dolphins, Vurg and Beau caught up with the Goreleech and hid themselves around the side of it. They were pulled along in the wake of the boat until they reached the North Shores. All through the journey they stole food and weapons from Vilu Daskar and his crew and took them to the slaves below decks. Vurg and Beau also played a large part in the escape attack put together by the slaves.

Luke brought Vilu to his demise by crashing the Goreleech, which Vurg also survived. He then lived for many seasons in the front half of the Goreleech, renamed Arfship, with Denno, Dulam, and Beau.

When Martin the Warrior came to the North Shores in search of news of his father, he found Vurg sleeping in his father's old cave near a small fire. Upon awaking Vurg saw Martin and believed him to be Luke due to their similarities in appearance. Vurg showed Martin and his friends where the Arfship was and told Martin the story of his father. Vurg, as well as his companions, came to live at Redwall Abbey with Martin and his friends.