Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Normally a javelin, a sling and stones
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mossflower, The Legend of Luke

Skipper Warthorn, known simply by his title in Mossflower, was the brother of Bargud and Mask (Riverwyte), cousin of Garraway Bullow, uncle of Folgrim and Tungro, and grandfather of Mayberry and Catkin.

Uncomfortable with his grandfather's strict rule, he left his home as a youth. He was a very adept sling and javelin user. In Mossflower Woods, he joined the Corim opposing Tsarmina Greeneyes. He led his otters in partnership with Lady Amber's squirrels. He was personally responsible for killing Cludd, the weasel captain in the Thousand Eye Army, who had wanted to kill his brother Mask.

Skipper's Crew

Known members:

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