Distinguishing Features:N/A
Captain(s):Orgeye, Rawnblade Widestripe, Durry Quill
Destruction:Taken apart for use in the Bell Tower
Appears in:Mariel of Redwall

The Waveblade was originally the property of Orgeye. After Rawnblade Widestripe found three of his hares dead on the shore, he was taken by the Bloodwrath, killed the entire crew and its captain, and took the ship for his own. Out in the ocean, he found and rescued the stranded Mariel Gullwhacker and Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel. After the defeat of Gabool the Wild, Durry Quill claimed the ship and named it Gabriel after his uncle, Gabriel Quill. It was later taken apart so its wood could be used to bridge a ford and finish construction of the Bell Tower in Redwall Abbey.

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