Welff Tiptip

Place of Origin:North Shores
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Welff Tiptip was a hedgehog wife who lived with her family at the top of a cliff on the North Shores . Her family lived with a family of moles headed by Drunn Tunneller. She was the grandmother of Trimp the Rover.

Welff Tiptip was a friend of Luke the Warrior and his tribe and provided them with a wide variety of berries when the warrior first arrived on the arid shores. Welff and Drunn were the first to warn Luke about the Sea Rogues and the danger of making fires by the shores. They were also the first to rush to the aid of Luke and his clan in their time of grief and tragedy and help tend to the wounded after the attack of Vilu Daskar.

Although a very kind and gentle creature, Welff could be very strong and forceful when the need came. She forced Drunn, Cardo and Vurg to help rescue Luke when the grieving Warrior was about to let himself drown in the sea.

Welff and her hedgehogs later helped bring the anchor of Reynard Chopsnout's ship to the shores.

The hedgehog wife also enjoyed singing, dancing, and making riddles.