Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Welfo was a female hedgehog that worked as a slave at Riftgard. She was one of Triss' co-conspirators, along with Shogg, in the plan to steal Princess Kurda's boat and escape the tyranny of Riftgard. When the plan was discovered by Riftun, the three were thrown into the punishment cage, a metal cage half-submerged in the icy coastal waters. Welfo acted as the very jittery lookout as Shogg and Triss filed through the bars.

When the trio escaped and stole the ship, Welfo was struck in the head by a Ratguard's slingstone, which--combined with a lack of food and water--rendered her unconscious for much of the journey, and she was close to death by the time they reached Peace Island. Welfo was brought back to health by the hedgehogs living there, and she and Urtica were mutually smitten when they saw each other. Welfo was not a fierce or warlike beast--Shogg even said of her that "she was never very strong"--and so it was no surprise that she chose to stay at Peace Island in calm and peace. She was still sad about parting with her two friends and tried to persuade them to stay, but she was happy there with Urtica.

Welfo met with her friends again as they passed Peace Island on their way to go back to liberate Riftgard of slavery. It is assumed that she lived out the rest of her days there peacefully with Urtica.


  • Along with Triss and Shogg, Welfo was one of the first slaves to escape Riftgard and one of the first creatures to visit Peace Island.