Species:Wels catfish
Place of Origin:Underground Doomwyte Lake
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Squeezed and bitten by Baliss
Appears: Doomwyte

Welzz was a large black male wels catfish who resided in the underground lake in the lair of the Doomwytes. Korvus Skurr believed the fish to be the spirit of his underground realm, as well as an oracle, and that his serpent Sicariss was capable of communicating with the creature. This however, was not the case; the fish had learned the the appearance of Sicariss usually meant something was going to be fed to him, and he rose to accept the food - not to communicate with the serpent, who was using Skurr's superstitions to her own advantage.

Korvus sacrificed creatures captured by the Doomwytes to Welzz, as well as his own creatures when they disobeyed or displeased him. Welzz would eat anything offered him; he disposed of the crow leader Veeku, and even devoured Sicariss when Skurr discovered her treachery.

When a wounded Baliss the Slayer invaded Skurr's domain, he sought cool water in which to immerse his injured head; however, the only place to find it was Welzz's lake. As soon as the adder plunged his head into the pool, the catfish struck; this proved to be a fatal mistake, as the larger adder pulled him free of the water, squeezed him in his coils, and bit him.