The West Marshes constitute a vast wetland located to the west of Fort Marshank. This area extends along the Eastern Sea from Marshwood Hill to the North Hills. Two long paths delineate the marshes and separate them from the coast and a scrub woodland on the eastern side and Boldred's mountain and the forest leading to Noonvale on the western side.

This is a relatively unpleasant region characterized by a swampy terrain filled with evil-smelling liquid and gases, covered by short hillgrass, and populated by myriads of insects, including grasshoppers and flies. The climate around the marshes is usually misty and foggy and the atmosphere is generally gloomy and unhealthy.

The northern section of the West Marshes was traditionally guarded by The Warden of Marshwood Hill. Other residents of the West Marches included a tribe of cannibal lizards led by a Red-Frilled Lizard, two slowworms, a grass snake, an adder, and a little bird called Dipper. Martin, Rose, Grumm and Pallum traveled across the marshes during their journey to Noonvale.

Known Residents of West Marshes


The West Marshes appear in Martin the Warrior.

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