The Western coast is the longest coast in the world of Redwall. This stretch of land extends along the Western Sea and is characterzed by sandy beaches, cliffs and mountains.

To the north are the Tall Rocks and the caves where the tribes of Luke the Warrior used to reside. Badrang the Tyrant scuttled his crippled ship near this area and set out overland to enslave or kill all the creatures he could find.

Moving south, the River Moss empties into the sea, and the fortress of Salamandastron stands surrounded by parched land. This area is also called the Southern Coast and is commonly patrolled by the Long Patrol under the command of a Badger Lord.

Further to the south, the Western Coast covers the Toadlands and meets the mouth of the Great South Stream. At the southernmost reaches of the coast is the region of Southsward.

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