Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Sword
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Wetchops was a rat in the horde of Urgan Nagru. He was sent by Nagru at the head of a horde of 50 rats to hunt down Queen Serena and her son Truffen, and kill the Southsward otters who had helped the fugitives. However, Wetchops failed to find them.

Wetchops was also involved in attacking Mariel, Dandin and her friends as they tried to escape the North tower of Castle Floret, using a battering ram to break down the barricade the prisoners had raised and a sword to stab at the ceiling where they had retreated.

Wetchops was the first in reporting the news that the drawbridge of the Castle was under attack by the otters.