Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Choked by his own belt
Appears: Triss

Whidge was an old, skinny searat in the Freebooter crew of Plugg Firetail. By the order of Princess Kurda, Vorto and some Ratguards knocked Whidge unconscious and bound him to a stake as bait for the adders Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra. When he came to, and realized the horror of his position, Whidge wailed and moaned so much that his shipmate Tazzin finally had enough and gagged him with his own broad belt. By doing this, she unintentionally killed him, for he suffocated on the belt. None of the Ratguards and Freebooters ever realized he was dead, but the adders did, and ignored the bait.

Not to be confused with Widge.