Originally, Urthwyte the Mighty was dubbed the White Ghost on Marlfox Island (prior to its occupation by the Marlfoxes), as travelers saw his albino fur and mistook him for a spectral being at a distance. However, he later left the island for Salamandastron, leaving behind him the legend of the ghost. Ellayo Swifteye would later tell several Redwallers that the White Ghost was supposed to no longer haunt the island; despite this, when the Marlfoxes came to the island, there was lingering talk the ghost still lived there.

Later, the White Ghost was said to haunt Castle Marl, but was really a clever trick thought up by one of Queen Silth's brood, Lantur, in an effort to scare the Queen. Lantur painted a white sheet with red and black, to create the appearance of a bloodstained ghost with a cavernous black hole for a mouth and eyes. Using the "White Ghost," Lantur and her sidekick Wilce proceeded to drive Silth insane, by making the ghost appear at windows, as well as lowering it through a hole in Silth's ceiling from a room in the floor above, and making ghostly moaning noises. After Silth finally died, poisoned by Lantur, the sheet that had been disguised as the new White Ghost was used to shroud her body. There has been no mention of the White Ghost since.


The White Ghost appears in Marlfox and Salamandastron.

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