The Whoomers by Sean Rubin

"I rule the coasts hereabouts, but 'tis the Whoomers who rule the seas." - Skor Axehound

The Whoomers were a band of large, black, playful seals, who lived off the coast of Northern Mossflower Country. Like most seals, they had their own language and were not understood by otherbeasts.

When Jum Gurdy rescued Uggo Wiltud and Posybud from Snaggs' Gang, he was assisted by four Whoomers (a bull and three cows). The seals killed Wigga as he swam after the escaping prisoners. Then, the bull began catching the missiles thrown at him by Snaggs' Gang, playing with them to mock the vermin, and earning the applause of his three wives.

Later, the same four seals helped Uggo and Posy to escape Razzid Wearat and the crew of the Greenshroud, by towing the two hedgehogs' raft away from the ship. They then gathered a force of about twenty Whoomers, and proceeded to attack the Greenshroud; they held it at bay for quite a while by towing it in circles, killing any vermin who tried to jump overboard, and throwing back any missiles hurled at them by the enraged crew.


The Whoomers appear in The Rogue Crew.

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